Get stimulus money to winterize your

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About the Droid Eris Cellphone

The Droid Eris may be an inexpensive entry into the world of smartphones. The Droid Eris smartphone, manufactured by HTC, was one of the first phone's released for Verizon Wireless that ran on the Android operating system. It offered a viable and cost effective alternative to the Motorola Droid and other smartphones that were released in the Fall of 2009. As of April 2011, HTC and Verizon no longer heavily support the Droid Eris.


The Droid Eris comes out of the box with Android 1.5 and features a 3.2-inch touch-screen display. The phone has standard smartphone features, such as a 5-megapixel camera, and support for GPS, Wi-Fi, Internet browsing, USB and Bluetooth. The Droid Eris has 512MB of internal memory, as well as an 8GB SD card that can be expanded to 16GB. Verizon is the sole service provider for the Droid Eris, and the phone runs on its 3G network, using the company's CDMA technology.


While a brand new Droid Eris runs Android 1.5, it's capable of an over-the-air update to upgrade its operating system to Android 2.1. Android is the smartphone operating system developed by Google to compete with other smartphones developed by Apple and Research in Motion. By virtue of running Android, the Droid Eris has access to the Android Market, which features thousands of both free and priced applications available to download.


All HTC smartphones running Android feature a unique level of customization known as HTC Sense. Since Android isn't a rigid operating system, HTC Sense is the integration of the company's take on the interface. With HTC Sense, the Droid Eris has distinct ways to customize the means of viewing and interacting with contacts, email, phone calls and the Internet. An example is HTC providing smartphone users with the ability to turn their phones over to silence a phone call.


As of April 2011, the Droid Eris is no longer available to be purchased brand new at major retailers. HTC and Verizon won't be updating the Droid Eris to newer versions of Android past version 2.1. HTC has since manufactured multiple smartphones for Verizon, including the ThunderBolt. Also running on the Android operating system, the ThunderBolt is the first smartphone that supports Verizon's 4G LTE network.

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Get stimulus money to winterize your
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