Financial help for disabled seniors

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A List of Devices That Use Handwriting Recognition

Many devices can recognize handwritten inputs for different programs. As the technology in smart phones and other portable devices has grown, many have the capabilities to translate the owner's handwriting into notes. Early models like the Palm Graffiti system have been replaced with sophisticated technologies for increasingly smaller devices. Still other devices utilize third-party applications to complete similar tasks.

Livescribe Smartpen

Although it requires special paper, the Livescribe smart pen records a digital version of the notes you take. When connected to a computer, the notes are then copied onto the desktop. The pen also features the ability to record audio that corresponds to the notes taken. It features 4 gigabytes of storage space.

HTC Touch Pro

The Taiwanese company HTC, makers of the popular EVO phone, have handwriting software on their Touch Pro cell phone. It can be used in the phone's mobile versions of the Microsoft programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Apple iPhone

A third-party application for the iPhone, called HWPen, allows users to write using their fingertips instead of the pre-installed Qwerty keyboard. Users simply draw out characters, which are then recognized by the software and transcribed. The software also recognizes Latin and Chinese alphabets.

Personal Computers

Computers that have Windows XP software installed on the machine will recognize handwritten text. This is accomplished through the use of a digital pen, a stylus or even the movement of the computer's mouse. Since 2007, the service has been available in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. The service can be turned on and off.

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Financial help for disabled seniors
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