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Adding Hardware to Make a Computer Run Faster

Buying a new computer when an older one is no longer meeting your needs is not necessary. While the IT world is evolving quickly, even five-year-old computers can easily be upgraded to see significant improvement. To make the most of your money available for upgrade, you will need to upgrade your hardware based on what you are using your computer for.

Faster Gaming Computer

Upgrading the video card is almost always the best way to spend your money when upgrading a computer. If your computer has only 1 GB or less of RAM on it, upgrading to 2 GB will make for a better gaming experience. Which video card to buy is obviously dependent on your budget, but the $100 to $150 price range is where you will find the best performance to price ratio. High-end video cards are ill-suited for upgrade as they usually require high-end CPUs and motherboards to work at full speed. Always read your motherboard and case manual to discover which hardware is compatible with your system.

Faster Photo/Video Computer

The CPU/RAM duo is the heart of the photo/video computer. They work in conjunction with the RAM, providing the fast data access the CPU needs to work at full speed. For photo and video work, the more RAM that is installed the better. For photo work, a mid-range dual core CPU is enough; however, if you are doing a lot of video work, a faster dual core CPU or a low-end quad core will be better. When buying RAM you will have to choose the correct type and speed. Refrain from buying faster RAM than what your motherboard manual specifies as you might face compatibility issues, and the higher speed of the RAM will not provide any visible increase in performance under normal use. Besides hardware specification outlined in your manual, be aware of the logical limitation. Windows XP and Vista 32bits will not be able to use more than 3 GB of RAM; if you want to buy more than 3Gb of RAM you must have a 64bits system.

Faster Office Computer

Office work does not require a lot of processing power. However, the latest software is more demanding when it comes to RAM, and upgrading to the maximum allowed by your motherboard and/or system is usually a safe and cheap way to increase performance.

Hard-Drive Tips

Upgrading from your old IDE or SATA drive to a new SATA drive, if allowed by your motherboard, can decrease the time spent waiting for software to load and make for a more pleasant experience in front of your computer.

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Write grant for free housing
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