What repairs are owners liable for when

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About Internet Connection Sharing Services

About Internet Connection Sharing Services If you want to share your Internet connection with all of the computers in your house, you will have to set up a local area network, which can be a complex, confusing and expensive process. The Windows operating system includes a program called the Internet Connection Sharing Service, which is easy to set up and does not require as much external hardware as the standard local area network.


The Internet Connection Sharing Service program was introduced into the Windows operating system with Windows 98 Second Edition. Prior to adding in the program, a Windows user would have to connect an external device such as a router to a local area network in order to share an Internet connection with multiple computers. It has since been included with all of the successive Windows releases, including 2000, ME, XP, and Vista.


You can use the Internet Connection Sharing Service to remove the need for an external gateway device such as a router or switch. It takes advantage of the networking protocols called Network Address Translation and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol that set up a client/server architecture between multiple computers and routes data packets to and from each of them. The host computer acts as the gateway and filters all Internet connection requests from all of the connected client computers.


Both broadband and dial-up Internet service can be shared with the Internet Connection Sharing Service. To activate the service you need to access the control panel through the start menu, choose the "Network" option, click on "Network Neighborhood," go to the "Properties" tab and then set the computer as either the host or a client. All of the computers that will be sharing the Internet connection must be connected either through Ethernet cables or with wireless network cards. The computer designated as the host must be turned on and booted up whenever a client computer attempts to connect to the Internet.


The main benefit of using the Internet Connection Sharing Service is that all of your computers in your home or office can connect to the Internet at the same time without you having to pay a separate monthly rate to your service provider for each of them. The requirement that the host computer must be turned on for the other computers to access the Internet can also be a benefit for network administrators who want to prevent their users from accessing the Internet at certain times, such as parents restricting use by children.


While the Internet Connection Sharing Service is a cheap and easy option, it is not the most secure. A separate gateway device such as a router can seriously aid in a network's security as most routers have their own internal firewalls and extra software designed to filter out requests from unauthorized computers. The Windows XP Service Pack 3 includes a bug that requires you to restart all of your connected computers if you accidentally unplug an Ethernet cable. You can fix the bug by uninstalling Service Pack 3 or downloading a patch from Microsoft.

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What repairs are owners liable for when
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